Vision, Mission & Values


Be a global leader in realizing human potential, addressing critical community challenges, and demonstrating the power of inclusive diversity.


The University of New Mexico serves as the state’s premier institution of higher learning and provider of health care by promoting discovery, generating intellectual and cultural contributions, honoring academic values, and serving our community by building an educated, healthy, and economically vigorous New Mexico.


We value excellence in all of our work, and we strive to perform and achieve at the highest levels.

We respect and celebrate the differences of all persons and value working in a collaborative environment where diversity is cherished and there is a shared sense of belonging.

We are dedicated to the protection of our planet to ensure the health, well-being, and success of future generations.

We value fairness, honesty, and transparency. We are good stewards of the resources that have been given to us.

We are dedicated to the peoples and places of New Mexico even as we reach for global impact for the benefit of all humanity.