Goal Two

Student Experience And Educational Innovation:

Transform the educational experience by creating supportive, intellectually challenging, exciting, diverse, joyful learning environments both inside and outside of the classroom to ensure the lifelong success, upward social mobility, and engagement of all learners. Through the education of people, our University will contribute to the growth of societies in New Mexico and across the globe.


  1. Systematically facilitate and evaluate educational innovation across UNM.
  2. Create pathways within undergraduate majors and programs to multiple futures, including a range of career opportunities and advanced studies.
  3. Support the advanced workforce of New Mexico by increasing graduate student enrollment and success, and aligning practicum experiences such as internships and career opportunities with University partners.
  4. Provide experiential learning opportunities for every student, ensuring a co-op, internship, community engagement, research, project, education abroad, or competitive athletic opportunity for each student and provide them the ability to articulate the value of these experiences for careers or advanced education.
  5. Expand educational opportunities and engage with lifelong learners to deepen community engagement, enhance the UNM brand, and support entrepreneurship and economic development.