Goal Three

Inclusive Excellence:

Utilize an equity and inclusion lens to expand opportunity, cultivate the potential of students, faculty and staff, create new knowledge, and provide service to all New Mexicans by leveraging our assets as a highly research-intensive university and health system.


  1. Ensure UNM is inherently inclusive, accessible to most and readily accommodating to all students, staff, faculty, and community members.
  2. Strengthen the equity and inclusion infrastructure across the University through enhanced coordination and communication.
  3. Focus on faculty and staff diversity, recruitment, retention, professional development, and career advancement and success, to address historical and current injustices and inequities.
  4. Assess UNM’s inclusive climate across all UNM sites to document and address concerns and actively work to evolve cultural humility and literacy within our communities.
  5. Increase student persistence by improving the learning environments in gateway courses and inspiring students at Branch campuses to consider four-year degrees and beyond.