UNM 2040: Opportunity Defined

The University of New Mexico is undertaking a process to craft a multi-year plan to build the future of UNM. This plan will provide us with both a vision of our future twenty years from now, and a set of more immediate tasks designed to move us toward that vision.

UNM 2040 Launch

Strategic Planning Framework 2040 cover

UNM 2040 Strategic Framework

In order to achieve a vibrant and thriving society and to build a healthier, better educated, and more economically vigorous New Mexico, UNM must create opportunities to advance New Mexico, focus on the student experience and innovation within our educational enterprise, build on the strength of our diverse cultures, establish an operational model that is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable, and more fully integrate our activities as one University.

UNM 2040 Strategic Framework (pdf)

Key Outcomes of the Planning Process

The UNM 2040 Process should provide us with:

  • a long-horizon aspirational vision (20-year vision)
  • a renewed statement of shared values and mission for UNM
  • an environmental analysis of UNM’s strategic advantages, opportunities for differentiation, areas of challenge and recommendations for UNM’s areas of focus
  • a statement of the value proposition of UNM as a place of research, diversity, discovery, health care, service, creation, innovation, and learning
  • a set of university-level strategic goals to pursue over the next 5 years that will move us toward our aspirational vision, with these goals being verifiable, although not necessarily quantifiable
  • an immediate set of concrete actions or tasks to undertake over the next year or two to drive toward achievement of the strategic goals