Goal Five

One University:

As a foundation for achieving the other 2040 goals, align and integrate our distinctive academic, research, patient care, and service components, and enhance our administrative functions to strengthen the University and its impact.


  1. Expand research and educational collaborations across the entire UNM system.
  2. Ensure the breadth of the University is accessible to all learners through easy cross-campus enrollments, integrated academic programs, and partnerships throughout the University.
  3. Identify gaps and prioritize areas for streamlining, integrating, and improving our administrative systems and processes, in order to provide coordinated, efficient, and high-quality services.
  4. Develop qualitative and quantitative methods and processes to track progress for each UNM 2040 goal.
  5. Celebrate achievements that exemplify the 2040 Vision.
  6. Remain responsive to changes in New Mexico and the world and evolve our vision and goals accordingly.