Goal One

Advance New Mexico:

Understand the needs and unique opportunities of our distinct New Mexican cultures and peoples, economic enterprises, and communities to address critical issues and opportunities facing humanity and contribute to the quality of life, growth, prosperity, and advancement of New Mexico and of human societies across the globe.


  1. Strategically expand basic and applied research and design to address critical issues facing New Mexico and all humanity.
  2. Embrace a leadership role in the economic development of New Mexico through investments in research, education, and innovation programs that support the success of the state’s economy.
  3. Be a force for social justice and health equity by working with the varied and rich communities of our state to enhance the health of all New Mexicans.
  4. Engage stakeholders to understand their unique needs and enhance the trust and strong relationships needed to further align our efforts with the needs of state agencies, economic development organizations, local communities, military and veteran organizations, tribal nations and others.
  5. Contribute to the life, cultures, well-being and vibrancy of our state by creating and supporting athletics, cultural events, and the arts of New Mexico.