Goal Four


Create long-term sustainability and ensure the necessary resources —human, financial, and physical— to achieve our aspirations while protecting the natural environment that supports all people of the state and the world.


  1. Ensure a stable and high-quality workforce for UNM through effective talent and human capital management and promote a healthy and safe campus working, learning, and living environment for faculty, students and staff.
  2. Reduce our environmental impact to ensure that UNM contributes to a sustainable world.
  3. Diversify and expand the sources of revenue and align with market demand for our unique UNM expertise through increasing research funding, identifying and creating relevant baccalaureate, post-baccalaureate, and adult learner programs, expanding enrollments and retention, and generating strategic revenue-generating public-private partnerships.
  4. Grow stakeholder engagement and build a culture of philanthropy in all our communities, spanning students, employees, alumni, grateful patients, and community members.
  5. Build a culture of multi-year budgeting and planning and ensure that all our business and academic processes are effective and efficient.
  6. Enhance the vibrancy of our campus community by improving wellness, including food, housing, and physical security, and activating our physical and virtual spaces to support exciting and successful athletic and cultural events.